Before you can sell your property, you will need to have a Section 32 (Vendors Statement) prepared. The Section 32 Statement is a disclosure statement to any prospective purchaser of the property and must be provided before a formal offer can be made on your property. Precise preparation of your Section 32 Statement is imperative to ensure that your sale proceeds to settlement without a hitch.

Langwarrin Conveyancing Services

Most Section 32 Statements can be prepared from either written or verbal instructions and in the majority of cases, within a 24 hour time frame. The Section 32 Statement will be delivered directly to your selling agent in electronic format at the time of preparation. Need your Section 32 Statement immediately? Just give Kerrie a call and she will be happy to assist you with your needs.

All Section 32 Statements are prepared without any up front charges.

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Additional Services

Are you considering taking your property to Auction? If so, we can assist you with the documentation necessary to be provided to your selling agent to make your Auction process a smooth one. Included in an Auction Contract are a full set of Rate and Planning Certificates which are required by your purchaser. Your Auction Contracts will be prepared, professionally bound and delivered to your selling agent in readiness for your Auction.